Cinemagraphs and Bringing Renaissance Art To Life

I’ve been fascinated by two things lately: Cinemagraphs (think Hogwarts-esque photographs that move) and Renaissance art. And this being 4th of July weekend, I had a bit of time on my hands, so I did some research and took a crack at creating my first Cinemagraph.

Before I go into deets, here’s the result! The goal was to bring some of my favorite Renaissance paintings to life by creating an image that felt like it had a sense of movement and passage of time. It combines 5 different paintings, see if you can spot them all! 🙂

Music: Hymn To The Sea by James Horner

Instead of bringing just one painting to life, I thought it might be exponentially more fun to mix a few and tell a more interesting story. So, I chose 5 pieces by Titian done in High Renaissance and Mannerism styles. Though, I think the feel of the final Cinemagraph is a lot more Carvaggio’s tenebrism-esque with the pronounced light contrasts.

There are a lot of plug-and-play type software that you can use to quickly build a Cinemagraph like Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro, but I wanted to create one from scratch and have more control over the medium, so instead I went with a mixture of Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.

So.. The 5 paintings featured are (clockwise):

  1. Portrait of Clarissa Strozi
  2. Equestrian Portrait of Charles V
  3. Lavinia, The Girl With A Basket Of Fruits
  4. Venus of Urbino
  5. The Man With A Glove

And here you can see them all together in one frame:

Bringing Titian To Life

It was super fun to create the Cinemagraph and surprisingly, it only took about 4 hours to put all the tiny details together and animate the whole thing! I think I might do one to commemorate all major events and trips from now on.

For now, it’s back to enjoying a fabulous weekend full of fireworks, bonfires, marshmallows and reading!

Happy Fourth! ❤️

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