Living a life of Authenticity


When being real is your priority, the various parts of your life start to groove.

Your life begins to reflect your true passion.
Your living room will match your values.
Your friends will fit your soul.

And your wealth, of which there are many definitions, will start to measure up with your notion of freedom.

Sometimes the courage to be true to yourself comes in the form of an out loud declaration, a rebellion or a love drenched vow.

Other times it’s a quiet conviction that we can read in your eyes.

Mighty or discrete.. Authenticity

is the muscle that helps you shake up beliefs, policies and restraints.
And it gives you the strength to do the things some say can’t be done.

Being genuine is the foundation of integrity.

It’s often inconvenient and not always painless. But it’s the only way to go if you’re here to

really, truly, fully, live.

Be strategic with your desires, leverage your contradictions, say no to resentment & yes to inspiration.

Being your true self is the most effective formula for success there is.

~ Danielle LaPorte


I’ve been thinking about how beautiful, happy and truly fun life becomes when we spend a 100% of our time being our authentic selves and pursuing things that make us truly happy.

It’s a little sad when you think about how much time a lot of people spend being the versions of themselves they think the world wants to see. In the quest for perfection, they often become rather pretentious, painting a perfect picture on the surface, and unknowingly hollowing out their (otherwise very fine) interiors in the process. It’s like building a house of glass, on the surface it looks pristine & perfect, but a single stone of genuineness can break it into pieces. Ouch.

We’ve all had the chance to get to know people from both sides of the aisle in our lifetimes and let’s just agree on one thing: People who’re completely themselves are a lot more happier, in love, successful, content and simply way more fun to hang out with and talk to. People who’re pretentious spend way too much time buying things they don’t like and living in ways that makes them unhappy, all to impress people they don’t particularly like in the first place. Big Ouch. I’m all for the pursuit of perfection, both in who you are, what you wear and how you like to spend your time, but do it for yourself. The moment you start to change yourself to fit someone else’s idea of perfection, you’re settling. You’re letting go of the opportunity to be your own best, most exciting and happy self. Major Ouch.

To live a life of authenticity, passion, happiness and love makes it essential for you to surround yourself with people who share the same values. And therefore, it is now my quest to put at least 2 degrees of separation between myself and all forms of pretentiousness.

And to you too, I wish a life super exciting and pretention-less, lead on your own terms! : )

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